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Friday, December 19, 2008

ASP.NET MVC Release: So close you can FEEL it!

I had a great time reading ScottGu's blog post today discussing all of the cool new features coming in the RC. Some of them (like the View page template not including a code-behind file) really got me excited, but I nearly freaked out when I got to the end and read this:

We'll be releasing the ASP.NET MVC Release Candidate in January. Our plan is to have that build be ASP.NET MVC V1 API and feature-complete and have zero known bugs. We'll give people a short period to upgrade to it, give it a good tire-kicking, and report any last minute issues they find. We'll then ship the official V1 release shortly after that (so not far off now).

ASP.NET MVC v1 is SOOO close! I really feel like this framework has come a long way in its relatively short development lifetime and with all of the recent candy that's been added in the past few releases, I can just tell that it will be a wonderful platform to develop on for years to come.

Microsoft... ScottGu (and the rest of the MVC team)... You ROCK. I can not wait to be working in this framework on a daily basis.