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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Awesome Article on Usability

A buddy of mine, Alex (AKA Usability Suspect) sent me a link to the most concise article on usability I've seen in a while. There may not be a slew of brand new ideas in here, but it is a great checklist of standard and common practices and ideas. It starts with age-old, simplistic axioms such as the "7+-2 rule", the "2-second rule", and the "3-click rule", then delves into deeper topics, even finishing with a glossary!

Click here to check out the article. Do it now!

I had to laugh when I came across the "Baby-Duck-Syndrome," since I was employing this theory just the other day during a discussion with Ed Blankenship. I was arguing that his tendency toward excluding parenthesis when optional (e.g. preferring Fig. B over Fig. A, shown below) was due almost solely to the fact that he was raised as a Visual Basic programmer and has only recently seen the light at the end of the tunnel, switching over to C#.

Fig. Aimage
Fig. AFig. B

Whoops, did I just alienate all of my VB readers? Please don't let my C# elitism get in the way of our relationship... :) Remember, we're all running the CLR underneath...