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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pixel8 is born!

I've been heads-down coding for the past two months or so, trying to get a whole slew of things ready and out for MIX '08.  Now that MIX is over (and I'm back and recharged from Vegas - ouch!) I can finally get back to doing some blogging.

The major project I've been working on during my 9-5 (ha - yeah right!) is the recently-released Pixel8 (  It's Infragistics' newest web property - adding yet one more to the exhaustive list of sites under my purview - with relevant development pod- and vid-casts streaming through our Silverlight media player... and I think it's pretty darn cool.  It all started when late last year we were finally able to woo Craig Shoemaker of Polymorphic Podcast fame to come work for us and keep churning out his awesome content, but let us still our name on it... and man has he delivered!  It's been only days since we released the site and we've already got over 8 audio and video shows live and ready for public devouring.  This was a really exciting project for me not only because I got to work side-by-side with Craig, but also due to the joys of working with the ASP.NET AJAX framework, ASP.NET Futures controls, and of course Silverlight (albeit only 1.0...).  I had a lot of fun and learned some valuable things.

So, if you've got a few minutes - or a few hours - to kill, head on over to and fire up our new player and watch some shows.  I'm sure you'll enjoy what you see.