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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Taking Over NJDOTNET!

We had a great time tonight during our InstallFest at the Central Jersey NJDOTNET User Group meeting.  In celebration of the long-awaited release of Visual Studio 2008, the community guys at Microsoft were able to get us a bunch of free copies of this awesome new IDE to give away to the loyal (read "first-come-first-serve") members of our group!  Needless to say, the room was filled with a bunch of very happy people...  and that's before the talk got started!  Walt Ritscher was in town this week, giving some of us Infragistics guys some schoolin' in the ways of WPF (Edit: See by detailed blog post about what I think about WPF here).  He was also nice enough to stay for an extra few hours to share his WPF goodness with our users at tonight's meeting, which ended up in an absolute captivating and well-received presentation.  My thanks to Walt for sharing his knowledge and experience with us!

Oh yeah, and one more thing happened, too...  Ed Blankenship, who has been running the group for almost a year now, announced that he had to move back to Texas and that he would be passing over his leadership responsibilities to...  me!?  Cool!  So, here I am, now a Leader of the Central Jersey NJDOTNET user group...  Between Jason Beres and Ed, I've got pretty big shoes to fill, but I shall do my best!