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Sunday, September 2, 2007

I Love Google!

I don't say this very often because - quite frankly - I'm hardly ever this impressed, but: I love Google! Everything they do seems to be cooler and cooler.

So of course they started out with the search engine, then GMail (with links to Calendar, Docs, etc.), then whatever other various cool things they've done that I haven't found out about yet... I even host my personal domain email ( with their "Google Apps" service - beautiful! So, when I recently went searching for a new place to call home to my personal blog, I came across Blogger/BlogSpot. I'm no historian - and to be honest I haven't done any research on the fact so I can't be sure - but from things I've read it seems like Google just bought the Blogspot service to add to its repertoire of awesomeness. Does that make it any less cool? No, because the fact is that it still has that Google feel to it. You know - simple, slick, easy-to-use, and quick. Oh, and did I mention customizable?

I'll 'fess up right now: once I found out that was a Google property, I stopped my search then and there (of course I took a walk through it first, but it pleased me just as I thought it would) so I'm not entirely privvy to all of the cool free blog sites out there, but the main thing that got me about (after the ad-free interface) was the depth of customization it offered. And right in the admin UI, too. It's just plain awesome.

I've got nothing but respect for Google. If Google was a woman, she'd be the hottest supermodel ever.